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Throughout the novel, The Indigo Spell, Adrian remains to be a steady support for Sydney, accompanying her on trips in her pursuit against Veronica, a vain and soul-seeking witch.Particularly in the novel, the lax and 'devil-may-care' attitude that fans know and love are brought out, as opposed to the previous heartbroken, lost, and sulky Adrian in Bloodlines and The Golden Lily.His relationship with Rose becomes apparent in Spirit Bound.Adrian later breaks up with Rose in Last Sacrifice after discovering that she has cheated on him.

The more she uses her powers, the more Spirit dissolves her sanity.Even the sensual side of Adrian, first fully highlighted in Spirit Bound, is brought out in the Indigo Spell when Sydney finally loses restraint, showing exactly how good Adrian is with his lips and hands.As the final act of romance in the Indigo Spell, and showing just how much Adrian knows Sydney, he makes her meet him in an ancient Roman and Greek museum where the couple is finally reunited.He is heartbroken when Sydney flees his house in horror and shock of what she has just done.However, those feelings of hurt quickly fade as Adrian is determined to keep loving and supporting Sydney, even if that means he's doing it from afar.

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